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Marriage is like gravity. When things all fall down in a heap, gravity cops the blame. But at the same time, gravity holds everything together. This website was put together by people who want to see marriage understood and appreciated for what it is. You'll find resources which we've created ourselves, as well as a searchable database of marriage-related websites, which we have reviewed.

Marriage-related websites

Relationship - Counselling

This site has been created by Paul Gale-Baker; a qualified relationship counsellor, course leader, public speaker and author with a practice in Melbourne. - Visit Website.

Tools to help you improve your relationship

The internet is full of little tests and questionnaires, but it can be difficult to find tools that are helpful, based on research, and still free! We've developed an interactive question sequencer, which generates a list of topics and questions (from a pool of over 1000 questions!) which you can discuss with your partner. Each question is specifically designed to help you to move forward in your relationship.

Here's the way it works:

Covering topics such as sex, conflict, communication, and roles.


Start the Marriage.com.au question sequencer here.

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An e-book that helps you to reconnect each other through love, support, and  communication.

Real Quality Time is a series of workbooks, which include a large variety of activities designed to help you reconnect. Go