Frequently Asked Questions

1. After the Prepare/Enrich Inventory is completed online and results are available, how is facilitation organised?


You will be contacted to arrange a meeting time in person or through a video link.   

2. How long is a meeting?

Most sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes

3. How many meetings are recommended?

At least 3 sessions are needed to cover the highlights of your unique relationship and to build your skill set. Sessions are spread over a time schedule that suits you.

4. What is the cost?

Initial cost of the Prepare Enrich Inventory is $46 per couple

Our facilitation charge is $100 per hour

5. When are meeting times available?

During normal business hours with limited weekend and evening session times available. 

6. Do we receive a copy of the Prepare/Enrich Report?

Yes, you will be given a copy at the start of your first session. This is a useful record of your thoughts at a particular stage in your relationship. As Facilitators we receive a detailed copy of your responses to help us better understand the strengths and possible growth areas in your relationship. All your information remains strictly confidential.

7. Is there an inventory specific to our relationship status?

There are various questions adapted to your specific needs. These include pre-marriage, married, step family, parenting, retirement and religious focus.  Details

8. What is the difference between an educator and a psychologist?

Whilst sometimes the disciplines cross over a little the aims are quite distinct as are the necessary qualifications. For example a psychotherapist may investigate the original causes of your behaviour in depth or the unconscious thoughts which produce your present problems. Educators on the other hand are more focused on practical skills to enrich your relationship, and how a greater knowledge as to “what is going on” can empower you to grow together in a lifetime of commitment to each other.

9. Is it a good idea to do a follow-up Enrich Inventory at different life stages?

Yes, taking time to focus on your relationship is like servicing your car, weeding the garden or walking the dog. Spending time on your relationship through the various stages of your life will ensure a rich and vibrant life together. We all change over time but some things will stay the same, often recurring problems. Your thinking about yourself and your partner may alter significantly in some areas. This can mean you will answer the questions in an entirely different way over time.