What happens when I register?

1. After you provide Marriage for Life with seperate email addresses for you and your partner you will receive instructions for registration and pay Prepare/Enrich $46 AUD online to cover processing charges for the Inventory.

2. Questions will be sent to you and your partner’s separate email addresses. The questions are designed to “fluff out” your relationship dynamics and cover about 10 relationship categories.

3. You separately answer the questions online which takes about 45 minutes then submit to Prepare/Enrich.

4. A few days later when your Inventory has been processed we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for facilitation. 

5. You will then meet with a facilitator (in person or online), to review your answers and learn new skills relevant to your relationship. 

6. The cost of facilitation is $100 per hour. Sessions generally last 90mins. Three sessions are recommended.

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